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Making Money in Martial Arts: Avoid the Membership Businesss Plan

November 07, 20233 min read

how to price my martial arts lessons

One of the most significant challenges for a new martial arts school owner is determining the pricing for their martial arts lessons. Similar to any other business, numerous factors must be considered when setting the price for your skills. Part of this involves establishing the pricing system you will implement. Will you offer month-to-month memberships? Will you require a contract? Are there any money-back guarantees? Today, we will delve into the pros and cons of the membership pricing structure and provide insights into why we offer a different pricing system for martial arts lessons.

Should I Offer Month-to-Month Memberships for My Martial Arts School?

Many martial arts owners liken themselves to typical gym owners who provide a space for people to work out and offer memberships to generate revenue. While we do promote physical fitness to our students, our skills are specialized and require instructors with years of training to teach martial arts lessons. Moreover, we impart guidance to our students to ensure their success on and off the mat. For these reasons and more, martial arts school owners should consider the value we bring to communities, making the commitment to martial arts lessons different from joining a regular membership-style gym. In essence, a membership pricing model could potentially harm your business's profitability. Although a month-to-month membership may seem like the easiest way to attract students, many school owners quickly discover that it results in a high attrition rate, negatively affecting their bottom line as they continuously lose students each month. Here are some other drawbacks associated with the membership pricing structure:

  • Unpredictable Revenue: The pay-as-you-go model may lead to less predictable revenue for the school, as members can cancel at any time.

  • Lower Retention Rates: Without a long-term commitment, some members may attend irregularly or drop out after a short period.

  • Ongoing Marketing Efforts: Schools may need to continually market and attract new members to maintain enrollment levels.

  • Fostering a Negative Culture: Lower retention rates can inadvertently foster a culture where discontinuation of training becomes more prevalent and accepted.

The Pros of Using a Program Pricing Structure

At MAIA, we teach our clients how to implement a program pricing structure in their schools. This approach is the result of decades of learning pricing techniques that satisfy consumers while helping owners sustain their businesses and retain their staff. Our approach to program pricing is straightforward: allow students to purchase a program that provides them with a set term of classes they can attend. This eliminates the hassle of tracking monthly student counts and offers students the flexibility to attend classes within their program's guaranteed time frame. Here are some more reasons why a program pricing structure can benefit your school:

  • Guaranteed Commitment: Students enrolling in your program are committed for a fixed duration, typically one year, ensuring a predictable revenue stream for your school.

  • Structured Attendance: Your program mandates that students attend a minimum number of classes per week, promoting regular attendance and consistent progress in martial arts training.

  • Customer Loyalty: Students in the program are likely to develop a strong sense of loyalty to your school, resulting in higher retention rates.

  • Clarity: The program structure provides clarity for both students and the school, reducing confusion regarding class attendance and payments.

Learn How to Price Your Martial Arts Lessons

Whether you are looking to implement a membership pricing structure, a program pricing structure, or a combination of both, the team here at MAIA is committed to providing you with all the resources you need to grow your martial arts school. We offer our Core 4 Program to owners seeking everything necessary to run a successful school. In this program, we teach you pricing strategies, scheduling, the implementation of upgrade programs, and much more. To learn more, please visit our Core 4 Program page here: MAIA Core 4 Program

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